Smart Hotel Naples

At the Smart Hotel breakfast is an unforgettable taste experience!

Considered the most important meal of the day, it is also the only time when many people indulge in sweets and snacks.

Smile! Having a good breakfast will make you live the day with a beautiful smile! Breakfast affects our energy levels, mood, focus, and productivity throughout the day.

Starting from 7 a.m.

We are ready to give you a good morning with a very special buffet full of all the traditional Neapolitan specialties.


Coffee, tea, hot drinks, fruit juices, cereals, assorted jams, cold cuts, cheeses, eggs, yogurt, donuts, brioches, pastries, muffins, homemade cakes.


All the Neapolitan tradition: sfogliatelle, pastiera, babà, graffe, roccocò, caprese, zeppole di San Giuseppe, migliaccio…

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If you are looking for elegance and exclusivity, then we have the perfect location. We will pack unforgettable tailor-made events for you.